CSA Enrollment

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is based on the direct relationship between local farmers and consumers in the community. By purchasing shares in the farm the “shareholder” is guaranteed fresh picked seasonal produce that varies weekly based on harvest throughout the season. Imagine fresh picked vegetables every week instead of going to the supermarket. 

How does the CSA program benefit you the shareholder?

Gray Gardens will have multiple buy-in options based on your family’s needs. Whether you are buying for yourself or a family of five, there is a share for you. CSA ensures the farm will have adequate funds to provide the highest quality produce to your table. If you choose to support CSA, you are directly helping reduce the burdens small farms could face, such as, labor, maintenance, equipment, water, seed selection, and Mother Nature. This allows the farm to focus energy on you, the shareholder, and delivering only the freshest produce to the community that is supporting us.

Sign up for our weekly CSA

Email us at [email protected] and ask to be added to our weekly email list that will go out every monday. The weekly email will include the number of shares, whats to be expected and payment link. The number of shares will vary week to week based on availability, so it is important to respond to the link provided in the weekly email to reserve your share.

Pick up at Gray Gardens Buda 767 Main Street, Buda Texas 78610

Worktrade Program

Work and receive a CSA share (a bounty of fresh seasonal produce) and priceless gardening knowledge for your time.

CSA Enrollment

CSA is a co-op like program where you buy a share into our farm in return for a bounty of fresh picked produce weekly.


Gray Gardens locations can be found at 6 farmers markets in Austin and surrounding area.